Trademark Support & Brand Protection

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Trademark Support & Brand Protection

It usually takes years of effort to establish a successful brand and reputation. In comparative terms, it takes a matter of moments to protect what you’ve worked hard to establish, so trademarking is well worth doing thoroughly.

We’ve got years of experience dealing with trademark support for SMEs in the most complex of situations, with numerous disparate parties involved and located all over the globe. We work with Key Partners to ensure that with trademark and brand protection you run minimal risk of your intellectual property being exploited at any point in its development.

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Protect Your Intellectual Property

Trademark Strategy

What should you trademark? What classification should you go for and in which territories? How do you go about the process? Together we will formulate a bespoke trademark strategy which is aligned with your overall business strategy to ensure you have the protection required.


This needs to happen in the correct way if assurances that your intellectual property is protected are to be valid. Using our Key Partners, you can rest assured this is done in a timely and cost effective manner.


Monitoring & Defence

Being registered protected is one thing, but we'll then guide you on enforcement and tracking, which if not done properly puts the whole trademark exercise at risk.



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Let's Talk

We'll have a friendly initial chat about your business; its history, what challenges you're facing and your vision for its future. We'll then outline where we think commonKIN could help you out.

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Discovery & Evaluation

Once we've established the areas of the business you need help with, we'll analyse the specific sections in more depth, speaking to the relevant members of your team in the process.

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Objective Setting & Service Requirements

Together, we will formulate our objectives before then creating an action plan detailing how we will achieve our goals. If applicable, we'll select the right partners for you from our Key Partner Network.

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Working together we will implement the agreed action plan(s), ensuring that our key objectives are met in the most efficient manner.