Business & Marine Insurance

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Business & Marine Insurance

You must have business, product and marine insurance for SMEs in place to reflect your current and future business requirements. It is simply not worth cutting corners, as the implications of that can be crippling for any business, let alone one in its relative infancy.

In linking you up with our Key Partners and providing you with tailored small business insurance advice, we’ll leave you able to focus on the day-to-day running of the business safe in the knowledge that you’re fully covered.

Be safe, be covered.

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Business Insurance

Sometimes things happen outside your control. Ensuring your business has the necessary cover is a legal requirement and it's essential in safeguarding yourself and your stakeholders. With our Key Partners, we will ensure you have the right cover in place.

Marine & Stock

Stock is one of the most significant investments for most brands. Ensuring this is covered throughout the supply chain will protect you in the event something goes wrong. We can support you whilst putting this in place.


Product Liability

Depending on your brand offering your exposure to product liability claims can vary. Working with our team and Key Partners we can assess your exposure and decide what cover will be required.



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Let's Talk

We'll have a friendly initial chat about your business; its history, what challenges you're facing and your vision for its future. We'll then outline where we think commonKIN could help you out.

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Discovery & Evaluation

Once we've established the areas of the business you need help with, we'll analyse the specific sections in more depth, speaking to the relevant members of your team in the process.

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Objective Setting & Service Requirements

Together, we will formulate our objectives before then creating an action plan detailing how we will achieve our goals. If applicable, we'll select the right partners for you from our Key Partner Network.

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Working together we will implement the agreed action plan(s), ensuring that our key objectives are met in the most efficient manner.