About commonKIN

Brands Together. Simplifying Business. Driving Growth.

This Is Our Story

We have a clear mission – to use combined expertise and klout to help SME fashion brands succeed

After years working with independent fashion companies, it has become clear that many brands face serious and almost identical issues at multiple points in their evolution. This is despite the vast differences they have in terms of brand identity, positioning and target market.

With such a challenging environment for independent brands, we knew there must be a way we could work as a collective (KIN) to overcome our (common) problems.

It was this new way of thinking and working which gave birth to commonKIN.

Our Mission

To provide independent fashion brands with the business support and benefits usually enjoyed by larger brands.

Our Approach

We want to foster long-term commercial relationships with our brands and partners. We analyse and evaluate your business methodically with you by our side. Together we will identify missed opportunities and implementing an effective plan to realise your full potential.

How It Works

Once you become a part of commonKIN, we will use our expertise and that of our key partners to reduce your business complexity and operating costs so you can focus on driving the creative side of the business.

Passion. Dedication. Determination.

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