Executive Support & Mentoring

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Executive Support & Mentoring

Our industry is dynamic and creative, bursting with opportunities, yet at the same time it’s fraught with challenges and obstacles.

From experience, we know that those at the top of business in this sector face a significant task when it comes to maintaining creativity, planning and operating the business on a daily basis.

This is why commonKIN was created – to provide the right flexible executive support system that will boost your fashion business’s chances of real success.

Value your leaders.

Supporting Those Who Are Integral

Strategic Support

We can work with you on formulating and driving your organisation’s short to long term goals providing a clear framework to deliver success.



Our team have built businesses which will have faced the same challenges you have. They'll guide you through how best to deal with these issues as they present themselves.

Day-to-day Support

Strategic support delivered when it matters on a regular basis for those in senior positions across your organisation, which results in operations running smoothly.


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Let's Talk

We'll have a friendly initial chat about your business; its history, what challenges you're facing and your vision for its future. We'll then outline where we think commonKIN could help you out.

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Discovery & Evaluation

Once we've established the areas of the business you need help with, we'll analyse the specific sections in more depth, speaking to the relevant members of your team in the process.

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Objective Setting & Service Requirements

Together, we will formulate our objectives before then creating an action plan detailing how we will achieve our goals. If applicable, we'll select the right partners for you from our Key Partner Network.

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Working together we will implement the agreed action plan(s), ensuring that our key objectives are met in the most efficient manner.