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HR Support & Consulting

At its worst HR can be complex, time consuming and costly, meaning it can become a potential nightmare for a small businesses. To prevent this from happening, we make sure that HR runs as it should, providing you with talented staff who enhance your company and take care of your HR support and consulting.

Our experienced team and Key Partners will ensure you have the right HR strategy and support services from recruitment and development, right the way through to dispute management.

Getting the right people in the right roles.

Human Resources Approached Correctly

Recruitment & Training

There's nothing more important than attracting the right staff with the right skills. To retain them and maximise their value to your business, training also needs to be approached correctly. Along with our Key Partners we can help businesses maximise their return on their greatest assets - their employees.

Staff Contracts

In smaller businesses caught up in a whirlwind of growth and day-to-day business management, it's all too easy for these to have multiple holes in them. This leaves you vulnerable to costly situations further down the line, so we'll be sure to make yours watertight.


Dispute Resolution

Issues with staff will arise for a host of reasons - that's normal. What's important, though, is that you're well equipped to deal with them in the least disruptive way possible. This is where we step in, to support you, allowing you to focus on business development.


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Let's Talk

We'll have a friendly initial chat about your business; its history, what challenges you're facing and your vision for its future. We'll then outline where we think commonKIN could help you out.

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Discovery & Evaluation

Once we've established the areas of the business you need help with, we'll analyse the specific sections in more depth, speaking to the relevant members of your team in the process.

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Objective Setting & Service Requirements

Together, we will formulate our objectives before then creating an action plan detailing how we will achieve our goals. If applicable, we'll select the right partners for you from our Key Partner Network.

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Working together we will implement the agreed action plan(s), ensuring that our key objectives are met in the most efficient manner.