Special Project Support

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Special Project Support

Tackling one-off projects of real importance for the progress of a dynamic, growing business is immensely rewarding for our team, who’ve handled operational project support for brands both large and small.

Tell us of your aspirations and we’ll help you manage the projects using our team of project management consultants. They will help manage the projects by spending the time working out how best to approach and achieve them using data, resources and experience. This will ensure that together we make informed, positive decisions, increasing our chances of success.

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Special Projects

Full Business Review

We'll look at every facet of the business, auditing its current position and its ability to meet its objectives. We'll ask you a lot of questions, analysing performance, identifying gaps and formulating meaningful conclusions and action plans.



Brand repositioning & turnaround

This is something which many businesses choose to embark on at some stage in their development. Whether you're heading in a totally new direction or just trying to recapture a previous position, managing this carefully is vital. We'll use our experience to see that this goes smoothly, minimising risk.

Operational & Cost Rationalisation

This is a significant undertaking for any business, regardless of size. If not handled correctly it can play a regressive role in your development. Our expertise ensures swift action can be taken without experiencing any long term detrimental impacts.


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Let's Talk

We'll have a friendly initial chat about your business; its history, what challenges you're facing and your vision for its future. We'll then outline where we think commonKIN could help you out.

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Discovery & Evaluation

Once we've established the areas of the business you need help with, we'll analyse the specific sections in more depth, speaking to the relevant members of your team in the process.

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Objective Setting & Service Requirements

Together, we will formulate our objectives before then creating an action plan detailing how we will achieve our goals. If applicable, we'll select the right partners for you from our Key Partner Network.

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Working together we will implement the agreed action plan(s), ensuring that our key objectives are met in the most efficient manner.